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You are a traveling psychic who is called to Badger's Hollow to solve the case of the damaged statue, Brunhilda the Brave, in the town square. The mayor claims it’s been damaged by a ghost who has also been stealing objects from the people in the town. You are called upon to solve the mystery of this troublesome ghost and exorcise him from the town. Gain the trust of the townspeople by playing mini-games to psychically reveal their missing item. Find the item they seek, reveal all 5 clues, and solve the mystery of The Greedy Ghost of Badger's Hollow.

Originally made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam Online 2021 - this is the ~50 hours version with some small UI tweaks and a Mac build. 

Game logic & Story – Caoimhe Doyle
3D Art – Chris McHugh
Puzzle Code – Emmet Burke
2D Art & Story – Katherine Foyle
Puzzle Code, UI & Music – Keith O'Malley


GGOBH_v0.3.app.zip 47 MB
GGOBH_v0.3.zip 43 MB

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